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Convert your 2D floor plans Into 3D virtual tours. Change the way you and your customers experience homes and offices. KRE8TIV SPACES PROVIDES THE LATEST IN HIGH-QUALITY 2D TO 3D INTERACTIVE RENDERED MODELS

  1. Upload a floor plan
    Upload your floorplans as PDFs or JPGs. Then let us do the magic.
  2. Enjoy & share
    You’ll receive your interactive 3D model within 24 hours. Then you can enjoy it in VR, customise it, embed it to your website and much more.

Interactive 3D models allow viewers to become fully immersed as if they were in the physically space. Kre8tiv Spaces can convert your traditional 2D floor plans into fully interactive 3D models.

Our 3D models do not require any software downloads or app. Our technology is completely cloud based and runs on any browser and all mobile devices.

Explore architectural spaces in full-featured 3D models. Create the most compelling environments you’ve ever seen.

Our Interactive Rendered 3D Mode provide the very latest in high-quality, rapid 3D visualization of physical spaces. Imagine your 2D plans becoming living environments. Help your clients visualise spaces that do not yet exist. 3D rendered models can also be viewed from several angles . View your spaces from above, or rotate it on an angle before ‘stepping’ into the model and virtually walking-through it.

Is Virtual Reality science fiction?
By Cosima Lefranc , Posted July 19, 2016 In Business, Tech

The virtual reality buzz has certainly arrived. But is VR in real estate just a fad or here to stay? There are two reasons that make us believe in VR as a technology with major potential to change the real estate industry. Firstly many early enthusiasts are already flying through virtual worlds with their Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The experience is already today considered a huge leap in technology, sometimes compared to the step from radio to TV. Secondly, about 90% of our time is spent indoors*.

Most of these indoor spaces are not mapped yet, but many companies are digitising a steadily increasing amount of interior spaces every day. Much like Google maps did with outdoor spaces, someone will ultimately unite the world’s interiors into one platform, ready to be accessed in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality

Visualisation technologies in the real estate industry
Visualising property using 2D floor plans has been a standard for centuries. The largest revolution in this field was enabled by the computer. In fact, real estate was among the first branches to go digital after Ivan Sutherland introduced an ancestor of today’s CAD software in the early 1960’s. When computational power exploded in the 90’s real estate entered the 3rd dimension with 3D floor plans and renders.

Is this really the great step forward it at first seemed to be? If you think about it, the goal of visualisation in real estate should not be to display something on a screen. The people that have to be impressed by these visualisations want to actually experience the space itself. To approach this, real estate actors use a patchwork of technologies, however all these technologies have limitations.
Floor plans can be hard to read. Pictures can only be taken of existing places. 3D renders can be perceived deceitful, and in photographic virtual tours you can still not edit your furnitures or the architecture as you would like. Interactive 3D models like the ones we make at Archilogic are the best option so far, but without VR, the action is still happening on a flat screen.
Virtual Reality technology will be a turning point for the real estate industry. A VR experience in an interactive 3D model is as close as you can get to actually being there. It is the technology that can fully replace the current awkward patchwork of approximators. When seen in this light it is nearly silly that some real estate professionals still see VR as a threat to their business.

FAQs – Ordering 3D models

Some. We don’t yet offer support for slanted roofing. If your property has slanted roofing and you choose to upload it, we will model it with a flat ceiling.
All your 3D models are hosted for one year for free. If you want to keep them forever, you can download them.
When you upload your plans you can specify the ceiling height. If you don’t know it we assume 2.4m / 8 feet.
All of our 3D models come “furnished.” If the plans specify locations we will try to match those. Otherwise we place items based on best practice.